Getting ready for print

Talk about up against a deadline. UK posting dates for Christmas are 20th/18th for first/second class. So I've got to have sixty copies of Exercises in Song 2008, this year's Pocketful of Lies, printed, assembled and posted by then. I've also got to get special copies off to Spain and New York State, but I can't really guarantee they'll get there in time for Christmas.

That means typesetting long before those dates, and assembling the finished copies—well, this weekend. Getting a PDF together wasn't too difficult, and Booklet Creator provided the process of imposition—turning sequential pages into a booklet—without me having to resort to reinstalling Adobe Acrobat.

But actually getting a master printed wasn't easy! It only needed five duplex pages of A4, but the office printer was on the blink last week. Thanks to Brennig, I have a master copy. And thanks to the now-fixed office printer, I also have... a slip of errata. Well, it's not last-minute if there aren't any mistakes, is it?