Climate-change SMTWTGH

I was on the fantastically well-attended—if you ignore the police's figures as usual—London climate march this weekend. It was organized by those good eggs at the Campaign Against Climate Change and was fun as well as hopefully sending a serious message to anyone listening in: MPs and MEPs who spoke to us were all advocating civil disobedience, so urgent is the problem.

Someone dared me at one point to make up a Exercise in Song against climate change, but the march had arrived at Parliament Square and live musicians by the time I'd thought it all through. So here it is in its full unsung glory:

Show me the way to no coal
And let's put the Kingsnorth plan to bed.
The fossil fuels are gonna kill us all, so let's have
Renewables instead!

Climate change isn't fun,
But there's wind and wave and sun,
And we've got to try to protect the world,
Because we only have one!

There: a new rallying cry for our times. And another bonus one there for you, like the Anglo-Saxon variation.